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Axle Scale Kit
Price: $2495

Axle Scale Kit
Includes (8) mounting blocks, (8) load cells, (8) feet, (2) junction boxes & (1) AX-5 weight indicator in case 

Includes the following:


One Digital weight indicator with RS232 printer / computer output (powered by internal rechargeable battery)


(8) nickel plated steel load cells (4) per platform.


(8) Alloy steel load cell feet


(8) tool steel spacers


(2) Stainless Steel junction boxes


(30) ft of load cell cable

Build your own Axle Scale for a fraction of the cost.  The weight indicator has five front panel keys: LB/KG, TARE, ZERO, PRINT & NET/GROSS.  Drawings and Technical support provided at no extra charge.  Do not weld with the load cells installed.

Axle Scale kit Price
(8) 10,000 LB load cells, (1) AX-5 indicator & accessories mentioned above $2495
Built-in roll tape printer with time & date $450


Model AX-5 weight indicator in portable case
shown with optional built-in printer

All the scale pads connect to one display.  Displays in Lbs & Kgs, RS232 printer/computer output
Internal rechargeable battery (12 hour continuous use battery life, 8 hour recharge).
In WHEEL WEIGHING mode with the total function it is possible to print/display:
The weight of the single platforms, sum of any of their combinations, total weight of all the platforms
The number of weighments performed, the accumulated weight and the sum of the subtotals carried out.
Prints the center of gravity coordinates.


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